Microsoft’s New Xbox One S Ad is a Bit Misleading

Microsoft released new Xbox One S ad that is a little misleading, according to a number of viewers. The ad starts with a man playing Madden NFL with his grandma and he keeps repeating the sentence “the new Xbox One S has 4K Ultra HD resolution.”

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This Xbox One S ad implies that the new machine has 4K resolution for gaming, since both persons on the screen are playing a game, not watching media content, a novice may end up thinking that the console has 4K resolution for gaming.

This is a very shady ad and fans are not happy. Microsoft’s official Xbox YouTube channel is flooded with comments criticizing the ad and calling it “weaselly and desperate.”

It is to be noted that Xbox One S can not run games in 4K and is only able to output 4K media content. It can also upscale games to 4K.

Xbox One S is Microsoft’s rival for Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. While Sony has so far been¬†very clear about the features of PS4 Pro and how it outputs games in 4K, Microsoft needs to rethink its marketing campaign. The community is smart enough to see through this ad, whether it was intentional or just poor execution.

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