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New League of Legends Camille Champion Releases Today

Riot Games has released a new League of Legends Camille Champion Spotlight to introduce the latest wall-diving addition to the bolstering roster.

The Steel Shadow was unveiled last month and will finally be released for everyone later today. Until then, you can get to know her better by understanding what her unique set of abilities do.

The new League of Legends Camille Champion Spotlight sounds bad news for squishy carries, especially for those without any significant means of escape. Camille is designed to chase targets to the ends of the map and isolate them from others inside a hexagonal prison.

Alongside Zed and Lee Sin, Camille is the next champion in League of Legends with a very high skill-bar. Riot Games also makes it clear that there is no such thing as an average Camille player. Summoners will need to put a number of hours on her before making quick decisions midst fights to shift the balance.

Passive: Adaptive Defenses
Basic attacks on enemey champions brings up a shield of Camille based on the target’s primary damage type. For example, attacking Viktor will grant a shield against magic damage.

Q: Precision Protocol
The next basic attack does bonus physical damage and gives Camille bonus movement speed for a short duration. Additionally, the ability can be recast after the first hit for an additional strike that does extra bonus damage in the form of true damage.

W: Tactical Sweep
An energy blast deals physical damage to all targets in a cone. Enemies caught in the outer half of the sweep will be greatly slowed and take additional damage based on their maximum HP, healing Camille in the process.

E (First Cast): Hookshot
The bread and butter of Camille. Her hookshot into walls allows her to pull herself to the terrain and get ready to recast the ability in order to Wall Dive.

E (Second Cast): Wall Dive
Camille bounces off walls to stop the first enemy champion hit by stunning in an area. Successful execution grants bonus attack speed for a brief period.

R: Hextech Ultimatum
Camille jumps onto a single enemy champion, isolating them in an energy barrier and knocking away everyone. During the duration of the ultimate ability, neither allies nor foes can enter the prison. Additionally, the target is also stuck inside with Camille.