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Heroes of the Storm Winter Veil 2016 Set to Begin This Week

Continuing its tradition of holiday themed events for their games, Blizzard has now announced the Heroes of the Storm Winter Veil event starting soon for its MOBA.

Beginning on 14th December, the Heroes of the Storm Winter Veil 2016 will bring with it multiple new hero skins themed after the holiday season i.e. characters decked out in Christmas themed garb.

A new event also means a new event Quest and special rewards. For the Heroes of the Storm Winter Veil 2016, players who finish 25 games while the event is ongoing will receive a special Snowflake portrait for their account as well as a Festive Treasure Goblin Mount. This Quest cannot be completed through the Heroes Brawl game mode.

The event will also add a new Winter Veil 2016 bundle to the in-game store which contains a unique Snowflake mount, Lunara and Nazeebo as playable heroes and a skin for both of them.

The Winter Veil classic bundle from last year returns as well for those who were unable to purchase it during the previous holiday event. The old bundle will grant players access to Stitches, Sylvanas, Jaina and Rehgar as well as a unique skin for all of them. To round off the classic bundle, there is also a Reign-Deer mount for players to use.

The Heroes of the Storm Winter Veil 2016 event will run from 14th December to 4th January. During the event, Blizzard has also activated a 25% XP boost which will apply to all game modes.

This event, combined with the ongoing Nexus event which rewards a Genji skin in Overwatch as well as Zarya as a playable hero in Heroes of the Storm, seems to be a perfect time to play Heroes of the Storm for Blizzard fans as progress of both events will stack.

Blizzard also mentioned in their blog post that a new Brawl mode will be introduced soon during the Winter Veil 2016 event, themed after the same event.