Destiny 2 Will Have Fresh New Ideas, Steady Stream of Content, and a New Developer

Destiny released back in 2014 and it has seen its ups and downs. Activision saturated the game with needless expansions rather than working on something meaningful. Still, the overall package is worth a buy, especially, after the release of The Taken King and Rise of Iron expansions.

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We know developer Bungie is working on Destiny 2 and we really hope they overcome the shortcomings of the first game. The biggest issue was the lack of content released as part of the base game. Activision needs to allow Bungie to add more content in Destiny 2 and worry about expansions later.

Destiny 2 is yet to be officially revealed but we have confirmation that Bungie will have some help from another studio. Hopefully, fresh ideas from a new studio will help Bungie do better.

So which studio is working on Destiny 2 with Bungie? Well, Vicarious Visions, the developer behind Crash Bandicoot remaster has partnered with Bungie to work on Destiny 2.

VV is a talented team of developers but we don’t know the extent of their involvement in Destiny 2.

Previously, Bungie spoke about the steady stream of content for Destiny 2 which once again raised concerns over how they may treat the base game.

Beyond that, the incredible demand for Destiny content has somewhat outpaced our ability to deliver upon that demand, and going forward along with our partners at Bungie, have put together what we believe is a very smart approach that will allow us to deliver the steady stream of great content to keep our players engaged and keep our universe alive and growing in the wake of that sequel.

New Destiny is coming our way sometime in 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We really hope to see the game on PC this time around.