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Death Stranding Teaser Was Great Graphically? It Will Only Get Better With Time

Latest Death Stranding trailer really impressed people both for its cryptic scenes and its amazing graphics. But this is just a starting point. Hideo Kojima himself claimed that Death Stranding will be photorealistic, looking even better when released.

Decima is a fantastic render engine, but there’s no point if we create the same world as Guerrilla Games. Horizon: Zero Dawn has a fantastic artistic vision, but we are more aiming for a photorealistic style. I’m a big fan of physical based lighting, and we’ve created something very helpful, that we call ‘Glass Room’, which is literally just a meeting room where we can check the quality of reflections and accuracy of lighting on every single object, like tanks or the baby doll. It was rendered in real-time on a PS4 Pro. And it will look much better after the game’s release.

Then, Kojima talked about Guillermo del Toro and how much he’s involved in this project.

When their first project got cancelled, del Toro was really sad. But his phone rang up and Kojima asked him to come on board. Now Kojima and del Toro are working together at a deep level, discussing storytelling, camera angles and a lot of stuff that concerns the game.

However, it was unknown whether or not Death Stranding will come to Xbox.

Most thought that it was a Sony timed exclusive, but the latest poster for this game gave us an answer.

Death Stranding (2)

It says:

Death Stranding is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC

So, Sony is the one who owns this IP and decides about it.

Death Stranding is releasing in 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.