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13 Best Final Fantasy Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Final Fantasy games are among the best RPG titles in the world, they have been around for a long time and some you may be too young to even know how many of them are out there.  Through this article, we will be ranking 13 Final Fantasy games.

13 – Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII

Well, if there is anything worse than Final Fantasy II? It is surely Final Fantasy XIII. The game takes amazing elements such as great graphics, great battle system, even better theme, and wraps everything up in a mediocre package. It was so linear that many called it “That Game Where You Walk in a Straight Line.” Most of the time you were sitting and watching cut-scenes or running from point A to B.

12 – Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy II

Well, not the best of what Final Fantasy has to offer but it was decent experience overall. Final Fantasy II released back in 1988 and was different from the standard RPG experience. The base progression was based on how often a character performance a certain activity. Needless to say, this system didn’t work very well.

11 – Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy 1

The Original Final Fantasy game released back in 1987, a year before the sequel came out. The first game had four game modes; an overworld map, town and dungeon maps, a battle screen, and a menu screen. Players were able to use a canoe, a ship, and an airship. It started this long-running Saga and the original game was remade of many different consoles and handhelds.

10 – Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII copies from its characters and story from Star Wars and Disney but a pretty good job reskinning everything. It has a great combat system and should be considered a single-player MMORPG rather than the standard RPG like previous games. Final Fantasy XII was not perfect but it was worth a purchase.

9 – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

FFXIV A Realm Reborn

A Realm Reborn is an online experience that sticks with you; the flexible class-based system is really satisfying and its immersive craft system adds to the value. The dungeons are tough but the rewards are worth it. The open world alone is so beautiful that most your time is spent exploring the realm.

8 – Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy x

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi didn’t really have much involvement with Final Fantasy X. Final Fantasy series follows a tried-and-true formula and for the most past, Final Fantasy X does the same. You won’t be playing this game for a short amount of time as most of the playthrough is filled with large-scale epic battles.

7 – Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VII is one of the best Final Fantasy titles we have. Playing around with magic is rewarding, the card mini-game is fun, and what can we say about the story of this particular game. But still the best part, you can fly a school! Final Fantasy VII is being remade and we think same should be the case with Final Fantasy VIII.

6 – Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy V released in the 90’s and had most of its elements were standard but the execution exceptional. The class system was really satisfying and allowed your character to turn into a powerhouse over time. The final boss fight with a Demon Tree is one of the best boss fights ever.

5 – Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII was the high point for Final Fantasy fans. The game’s combat system, story, characters, everything was exceptionally designed. This is the reason why VII is probably the most loved Final Fantasy game around the world. It is currently being remade for PlayStation 4 and is going to release as an episodic title.

4 – Final Fantasy IV


Final Fantasy IV that was criticized by the community as well as the critics but still it one of the most played games of the franchise. Fans have a love and hate relationship with this one and even those who don’t like it have played it at least 20 times and probably know all the dialogues.

3 – Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy ix

We consider Final Fantasy IX to be a massive homage to old-fashioned design of the franchise. It came at a time when Final Fantasy was evolving and many weren’t comfortable with its direction. Final Fantast IX gave us exactly what we needed to reminisce one last time. Even with its old-fashioned design it felt modern and laid the foundation of how we know Final Fantasy today.

2 – Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI hits you right in the feels and my god! This game is a must-have for anyone who likes games with a lasting impression.  It is brilliantly crafted classic that needs to be your to-do list this holiday season. It is one hell of an overall experience so do give it a try or re-play this one if you are a long time FF fan.

1 – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV sales

Final Fantasy XV is the accumulation of everything the franchise learned during its journey. It was in development for a long time but the final product was worth it. Final Fantasy XV is the new high-point for the franchise and it would be interesting to see where the series goes next.