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Yasuo Nerfs Confirmed for Next League of Legends Patch

The wind-powered agile swordsman has finally shown up on Riot Games’ radar. The next League of Legends patch is confirmed to bring much-needed Yasuo nerfs.

This week’s edition of “Ask Riot” saw the developer finally addressing the champion. Lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler admitted that in his current form, Yasuo is incredibly powerful. While he’s still a champion that requires tremendous skill to play with, chances are that even an average Yasuo player can potentially shift the the tide of a game.

“The first job’s going to be an assessment of whether he’s performing better than he should for his intended strengths and weaknesses,” said Meddler on the upcoming changes. “That’s both in terms of time in game (e.g. laning/early strength versus late strength) and circumstance (e.g. when snowballed, or when paired with specific allies or against specific enemies).”

He added that the development team is yet to fully commit to his changes. Hence, there is little to share at this point. However, he’s definitely on the developer’s list of champions to tweak.

Meddler also added that Patch 7.1 is scheduled to arrive in early January, with Patch 7.2 arriving later in the month. Whether or not Patch 7.1 includes Yasuo in its patch notes depends on how fast Riot Games is able to dissect his current state. That being said, the following League of Legends patch is confirmed to address the champion.

Besides the swordsman, Riot Games is also looking into champions such as Syndra and Hecarim for “general balance”. No information was shared as to how the developer plans to tone their gameplay down.

Syndra, for one, has a mean burst that can make any squishy carry disappear from the Rift. Those who regularly encounter her in mid-lane are well-versed in what she is able to do with a couple of early kills. A recent Public Beta Environment (PBE) update reduced damage and ability power scaling for Force of Will (W). Additionaly, the cooldown on her Unleashed Power (R) has been increased.