We Happy Few Clockwork Update Brings New Features, Fixes Bugs And More

With the debut of We Happy Few on Steam Early Access earlier this year players were frustrated because of lack of proper story and NPC behavior. Now, the developers have announced We Happy Few Clockwork Update.

While We Happy Few Clockwork Update does not solve all the issues mentioned above but it is a big step in the right direction. The update introduces a new shelter for the game’s protagonist, Arthur, along with a new conversation mode that will make sure that quest will not be broken.

According to the developer, at the end of the game’s prologue, Arthur is left for dead and is not shown what happens next. Now, the game will start where it left Arthur with a brand new tutorial area.

Previously it was very easy to break a side quest by killing or walking away from the NPC. With We Happy Few Clockwork update players will now be isolated during conversations along with their chat buddy from the rest of the world.

The developers have also refactored majority of the side quests and encounters by “re-implementing them with the new puppet, conversation and quest state systems”.

The update also makes a number of visual improvement like the village has been completely overhauled. Furthermore, the update brings new animations, bug fixes, changes to the UI and environment and much more.


  •  The houses in the Village of Hamlyn have been dramatically improved.
  • Additional house variations in the Village are available.
  • Village houses now have exterior signs to add a little bit more happiness to the environment.
  • Archways and other decorative elements have been added to the Village.


  • Integration of “Turn in Place” animations. In certain AI states, the NPC will play an animation to face the player instead of sliding.
  • New corpse interaction animations for picking up, dropping and throwing corpses.
  • Added interaction animations for trap controls when using the trap disarm tool and polarity device.
  • More talking animations for encounters. Mostly to fit new initial postures, like sitting on the ground, sitting on benches, laying down, etc.
  • Improved sitting animations for certain NPCs. They now pull the chair out and slide it back in.

Allows us to compact the chairs and tables closer to each other for more room around these objects.

  • New two-handed combat animations for NPCs for cricket bats, shovels, etc.
  • Added down-to-up melee animations for the player, for more variation with one-handed weapons.
  • New base animations for plagued wastrels (walking, idle, etc).


  • Throw/Drop corpse interactions switched.
  • Aim acceleration settings are now saved.


  • NPCs now have a very short delay window between when you walk into their line of sight, and when they notice you.  This means stealth is now more forgiving, and more viable.
  • Histoplasma mushrooms now have a (temp!) visual effect, and are required to enter certain areas.  Take a look around for clues.
  • The Advanced Electro Lock Shocker should now operate on any lower tier objects.
  • The materials required to craft certain items have been generally reduced.

Bug Fixes

  • Low spec PCs should no longer crash every 10-15 minutes.
  • Various crash fixes.
  • Floor materials have been mostly corrected across the entire game, so the correct footstep sounds should occur.
  • Too many quest/encounter bugs fixed to list here.  At this point, we have very few known bugs that block progression, and some minor ones relating to animation etc.
  • The game should no longer reset to day 1 randomly.
  • Looted pickups no longer reappear after save/load.
  • It is now safe to place items in containers other than the personal safe.
  • Items dropped on the ground will be deleted after save load.
  • The final island now always appears

Also, the developers have warned that after We Happy Few Clockwork Update the game will have to be started from the beginning as it is not compatible with the previous builds.

We Happy Few is a first-person horror survival game in development at Compulsion Games for PC, Xbox one and PlayStation 4.