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StarCraft II Nation Wars 4 Confirmed On Reddit!

O’GamingTV and Blizzard Entertainment have announced StarCraft II Nation Wars 4 tournament.

This will have a 30.000$ cash-prize and an offline Final Stage in Paris, where the finalists will fight each other on January 21st 2017.

Every Grand Master to sign up to represent his country, and if you want to join, save the date as sign-ups go from December 8 to 12, 2016 20:00 CET.

Just open this link if you want to register for the voting phase.

This is the format of StarCraft II Nation Wars 4.

  • The teams will consist of the three most voted players, matches will be played in Bo7 All-Kill format with one Revival
  • Two nations (France and Korea) will be seeded directly in the group stage, and fourteen more will need to go through qualification
  • Group stage “Ro16” is played online in GSL style
  • Bracket stage “Ro8” is played online in a single-elimination format, and the winners will be invited to Paris
  • Ro4 and finals will be played offline, in our studio in Paris, France.

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However, a new announcer pack is about to release for StarCraft II.

It will be available after patch 3.9 release and it will contain Nova, coming with no cost if you have already purchased the Nova Covert Ops mission packs and the Nova co-op mode commander.

Otherwise, you can get it by purchasing the Super Nova bundle.

The StarCraft series could also be revived with an HD remake, providing enhanced graphics and a better gameplay.

This new version of the first StarCraft chapter is probably already in the works, but we have no clue when it’s releasing.

StarCraft II is a role-play videogame made by Blizzard, available for PC and mac OS.