Sea Of Thieves Technical Alpha Announced To Help Developers Test Game Mechanics And More

Sea Of Thieves is shaping up to be a fun game and developer Rare is gearing up its efforts to develop a truly engaging game. Recently, the developer held Insider Programme through which they invited selected fans and now the devs have announced Sea Of Thieves Technical Alpha.

Sea Of Thieves Technical Alpha will start from December 16, 2016 “with a series of scheduled playtests” and the devs will be inviting selected players for this insider program.

Sea Of Thieves Technical Alpha will have three goals:

  • We want to deliver on our promise to Insiders to help us test early game mechanics and services at a larger scale than anything we’ve delivered before.
  • We want to give our participating Insiders the opportunity to provide feedback about their experience.
  • We want to use this feedback and our data insights to make meaningful changes to our game.

The first Sea Of Thieves Technical Alpha play season will start from next week from December 16 to December 18. According to the developer, the play season will be available during “several timeslots throughout the weekend”.

The developers are excited that thousands of players have signed up for the upcoming play session but also have announced that it will be limited to just 1000 players only. “As we move on through the Technical Alpha phase, we’ll gradually increase the player base and frequency of sessions in line with the game’s evolution”.

Recently, Rare shared their development diary that focuses on building outposts in Sea Of Thieves. The outposts can be found in the game and players can also build one if they so desire. In this development diary, we see the game beyond the ships.

Sea Of Thieves is an action-adventure MMO in development at Rare and will launch in 2017 exclusively for PC and Xbox One.