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League of Legends Patch 6.24 Made Support Teemo Viable… Kind Of

The latest League of Legends Patch 6.24 features a slight change to the game’s Swift Scout which enables him to instigate trouble in the bottom lane.

The change is undocumented and excluded from the official patch notes. However, it didn’t take long for Summoner’s to make the discovery.

The passive on Toxic Shot (E) allows Teemo to poison targets on every basic attack, which then continues to deal damage for each second for four seconds. Following League of Legends Patch 6.24, Toxic Shot is now considered as a spell.

This means that Teemo can proc all charges from Spellthief’s Edge, and then trigger the Thunderlord’s Decree keystone mastery, with a single Toxic Shot. Let’s break that down to make it more clearer.

As mentioned above, the poison from a single Toxic Shot ticks for four seconds straight. Each charge (three in total) of Spellthief’s Edge pay Tribute on every spell and basic attack. Finally, Thunderlord’s Decree is triggered after three successful attacks on a single enemy champion.

Hence, the first three poison ticks of Toxic Shot proc three charges of Spellthief’s Edge and then instantly applying magic damage from Thunderlord’s Decree.

This is a major buff for the legendary yordle. Teemo needs to just land a single basic attack on an enemy champion and back away to watch the poison from Toxic Shot trigger both Spellthief’s Edge and Thunderlord’s Decree.

This works better if you have command over the bottom bushes. See the enemy ADC trying to farm your ranged minions? Rush out of the bushes to shoot Blinding Dart (Q) for its powerful venom and land one basic attack for Toxic Shot before heading back into the safety of the bushes.

Provided how you play it, the initial Blinding Dart ensures that the enemy ADC is unable to land crucial attacks while Teemo can cut down a decent chunk of health.

At level 2, a rune page with Ability Power and Magic Penetration can reduce an enemy Jinx to 50 percent health with just a Q and auto-attack.

That being said, the undocumented changes also mean love for Teemo on top-lane. Thunderlord’s Decree is extremely easy to proc now. If you’ve suddenly started seeing more Teemo players in queues, this is why.