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The Last Guardian Walkthrough Part 3 – Wake Trico, Block the Blue Smoke, Find the Switch

The Last Guardian Walkthrough Part 3 to help you wake Trico up, block off the blue smoke, and find the switch to access the next area in the game.

In our walkthrough’s previous section, we not only reunited with Trico, but also practiced using the mirror-shield, and explored the ruins in great depth.

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The Last Guardian Walkthrough Guide

In our The Last Guardian Walkthrough Part 3 Guide, we block the blue smoke Trico is attracted to and find a switch leading us to the next area.

Continuing Ahead

You come across a barred gate after waking up. To proceed ahead, you need to follow Trico’s tail and drop down onto a platform below.

After you head down, proceed to a small crawl space near the water. Continue the only path to get to the other side. While inside the tunnel, you should be able to see a few statues along the way – in a cut-scene.

Go to Trico

You need to grab the switch at the top of the ladder and drop down into the area with statues.

Since there is nothing you can do to the statues, you basically need to head back to Trico and let him destroy the statues. Once he is done with statues, climb on his back, and pat him on the back to calm it down.

Once you have calmed Trico, head to the alleyway, climb up using a few beams, and grab a chain to get out of the area. After arriving outside, call Trico, climb on his back, and jump over the pillars barring the path.

Block the Blue Smoke

After landing, you should be able to take note of blue smoke from the right-hand side of the area.

In order to cut off the blue smoke, you need to head inside the building, grab the cauldron, and place it in the center of the area. After that, head out and wait for Trico to get his head stuck. At this point, you need to jump on Trico’s back, climb up, and use the vines to go further up. From the top, drop down into the area with smoke and you should land directly above the cauldron.

At this point, you need to head to the middle section where you should be able to shove the cauldron and block off the smoke.

Continue Ahead and Find the Switch

After you have Trico’s attention, head to the doorway on the opposite side of from where you entered the area. A little ahead, you should be able to grab Trico’s tail to continue forward.

Continue to latch onto Trico’s tail, but let go before it jumps into the water. At this point, you must look up every time Trico howls/growls to spot another beast in the distance. Once Trico has witnessed the other beast and has calmed down, head inside the cave nearby.

Once inside, reach the middle pillar and use Trico’s tail to climb further up.

After you are up, feed a barrel of food to Trico and reach the other side of the wooden bridge. Follow it around a set of stairs and reach a barred gate. Lucky for us, the switch to open the gate is right next to it.

Use the switch to move to the next area of the game.

This is all we have on our The Last Guardian Walkthrough Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!