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The Last Guardian Walkthrough Part 2 – Meeting Trico, Exploring the Ruins

The Last Guardian Walkthrough Part 2 to help you learn how to use the mirror-shield, reunite with Trico, and explore the ruins.

In the previous section, you free Trico, feed him, and try to get out of the cave. In order to do so, you find a mirror-shield which allows Trico to use his powers.

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The Last Guardian Walkthrough Part 2 Guide

In the second walkthrough of The Last Guardian, we explore the ruins and proceed through the game.

Continue Ahead

After gaining control of the character, head forward the only way and turn right from the exit. Trico should easily be able to follow you along the narrow ledge. You also need to make sure to use chains when you cannot walk any further.

Once you arrive at the wooden door, wait for Trico, and use the mirror-shield to make a pathway.

After you reach the platform below, head left, climb up the stairs, and proceed through the open hole in the wall. Since Trico cannot fit through the narrow path, you must find another way.

Help Trico

To do so, you need to find stairway with torches lined against the wall. From the area, you should be able to call in Trico.

You basically need to head down the open room in which Trico was unable to enter earlier. In the area, you should be able to spot a wall with handholds on the right-hand side of the open hole.

At the point, you need to climb on Trico’s back and go all the way up using handholds. Continue right and grab hold of a chain.

Continue moving up the chains and head inside a tunnel on the left-hand side. You need to continue along the tunnel and have Trico follow you. A dead-end awaits you which can easily be destroyed using the mirror-shield.

Before continuing, feed Trico the barrel of food, and then proceed out via another tunnel on the right-hand side of the windows.

Head inside the Ruins

After you arrive in the new area, head towards a set of columns/windows, and find another path on the left-hand side.

You basically need to climb on top of Trico so that it can jump to the other side. Once on the other side, push the painted glass-eye over the edge, go up the stairs, and find another stairway on the right-hand side.

Continue up the stairs in order to come across a barred gate with a switch on the other side. There is an open window in the area. You need to call in Trico, head out of the window, and climb up the handholds.

What you basically need to do is to reach a second window ahead and drop down the ledge which should allow you to open the barred gate.

Before proceeding ahead, you need to feed Trico a barrel of food and come across another barricade which can be destroyed using the mirror-shield. A little ahead, use the handholds to drop down and call Trico below.

When the beast arrives down, it eats the boy and triggers another cut-scene.

This is all we have on The Last Guardian Walkthrough Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!