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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Developer is Busy Killing Bugs, Feature Complete Game Coming

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been under development for a long time but the title is coming together nicely. It is a very realistic RPG that will put you in the heart of battle during medieval times.

After so many years in development, the game is finally close to going gold. Developer Warhorse Studios is busy killing the bugs and ironing out the rough edges before releasing the final product.

Creative director David Vavra stated that they have added all of the features in the game, making Kingdom Come: Deliverance a feature complete game.

We now have all the features in the game. The whole world is built, and all the quests and most of the assets are in. As you can expect, when we put all this together, everything broke and now we need to fix it

Earlier this year, we got a chance to play the game, Haider Khan wrote in his preview:

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the night is realistically black, with almost nothing visible. The darkness in the forest was as realistic as it gets, with only the faint dancing fire outside the hut illuminating a small radial area around it.

The extremely accurate depiction of the night was an incredible revelation that I have not witnessed in any game before. Although no danger lurked in the deathly blackened forest, it still managed to instill fear in me; fear of getting lost, fear of treading into unwelcome territory.

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