New Super Mario Run Trailer Gives us An Introduction To The Mobile Game

Following the success of Pokemon Go on mobile devices, it seems that Nintendo is looking to bring its titles to mobile devices starting with Super Mario Run. Now the company has released a new Super Mario Run trailer that gives us an introduction to the game.

As explained in the Super Mario Run trailer, in the game Mario runs on its own and players just have to jump and have to chain wall climbs in order to reach higher places. Mario will automatically jump over small obstacles even the small enemies.

While the game is yet to release but industry analyst predict that Super Mario Run will be a huge success. According to a report from mobile analytics resource, the game’s reveal at the Apple event was a very important step for the marketing.

The partnership between Nintendo and Apple seems very strong, as Super Mario Run has been advertised on the Store with multiple banners, being one of the most promoted game ever.

The report further suggests that the game will launch in 151 countries and even if it is a paid app this will not affect the game’s sales. The Holiday Season is also the best release windows for a mobile game like that.

Aside from the Pokemon Go’s success worldwide, Mario itself is a very popular brand and it would not be surprising that Super Mario Run will also be successful just as Pokemon Go was.

The game will be available for free at launch allowing players to try elements of the game’s three modes for free but it will be limited. A one time $9.99 payment will grant players unlimited access to these three levels.