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Star Wars Battlefront Scarif DLC Made Lando Calrissian Invincible

EA and DICE have recently released Star Wars Battlefront Scarif DLC, adding new heroes and stuff to the game.

This should have helped improving the game quality, but it hasn’t done good as it made Lando Calrissian invincible.

This character, in fact, has an ability called Power Shot, allowing him to do up to six time the damage of a normal shot. Well, Star Wars Battlefront Scarif DLC removed the cooldown, so Lando can use this ability forever.

A lot of players complained about this question on the internet, since it’s impossible to have fun in this kind of situation.

But don’t worry, Guillaume Mroz has announced that they are already working on a fix.

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Star Wars Battlefront did very well in terms of sales, even if players are not happy about the general quality of the game and the DLCs question.

It was the most downloaded game of the year 2015, so it’s no surprise the company wants to keep pushing for this franchise, as Star Wars Battlefront II has been announced

This game will have bigger and better worlds and the development team will include former creative director of Uncharted.

What would you like to see in this game?

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Waiting for a quick fix for Lando’s invincible-mode, Star Wars Battlefront is already available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.