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PlayStation 4 System Update 4.07 Now Live, Brings Improved Quality

Sony has launched a new PlayStation 4 system update 4.07 and according to the description, this update brings improved quality of the system performance.

Sony did not reveal anything other than the improved quality that PlayStation 4 System Update 4.07 brings which is somewhat interesting that previous updates offered improved stability of the system and Sony chose quality this time around.

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Maybe there is nothing left to stabilize or this update does not interfere with the consoles stability. PlayStation 4 System Update 4.07 is 312 MB is size.

As we already know that PlayStation 4 has been in the lead ever since this console generation started and Sony has revealed that PlayStation 4 has sold 50 million units worldwide and these numbers also include the upgraded PlayStation 4 Pro. According to Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, Andrew House:

We are very happy with the community support, going on since the console’s launch. Thanks to people and our partners support, we are now able to offer an incredible hardware line-up, including PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro and PS VR. We’ll keep offering the best gaming experience with our products and our online service. Our ultimate aim is to make this ecosystem bigger and bigger.

Recently, Sony Worldwide Studios president, Shuhei Yoshida, discussed the reception of Sony’s upgraded console, PlayStation 4 Pro and PS VR. According to Yoshida, the sales for PlayStation 4 Pro are going strong as they have met the company’s expectations.

He further added that PS VR had a similar reception. Company’s data shows that users are playing for many hours consecutively with PS VR even if there aren’t so many titles for this platform yet.

Do you notice any changes with PlayStation 4 System Update 4.07? Let us know in the comments.