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PlayStation 4 Has Achieved 50 Million Units Sold Milestone

Sony has achieved a great result for PlayStation 4. This console, in fact, has officially sold 50 million units worldwide, a number that also includes PS4 Pro sales.

The company has stated that Black Friday was the best weekend ever in their history in terms of sales, with 370 million of games sold (both retail and digital copies).

This is what Andrew House, Sony Interactive Entertainment President said:

We are very happy with the community support, going on since the console’s launch. Thanks to people and our partners support, we are now able to offer an incredible hardware line-up, including PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro and PS VR. We’ll keep offering the best gaming experience with our products and our online service. Our ultimate aim is to make this ecosystem bigger and bigger.

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However, Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Worldwide Studios president, talked about PS4 Pro reception and PS VR with Digitalspy.

In the first part of the interview, Yoshida claimed that PS4 Pro sales are going very well in every country this console has been released. Sales basically met the expectation of the company, as everyone who wants to buy PS4 for the first time chooses PS4 Pro.

But PS VR is going good too. Data taken from Sony shows that users are playing for hours on this device, way more than the company could ever expect. And that’s incredible since PS VR doesn’t have a huge line-up of games to enjoy.

After that, Yoshida praised Nintendo for their great result in the mobile market.

Sony is interested in it too, but they are mainly focused on home console at the moment.