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Nintendo Switch Name Explained By The Company

Since Nintendo Switch was announced, many topics appeared on the internet, discussing about console’s specs, backwards compatibility and name.

This last element was unknown, until Nintendo was interviewed by magazine Nintendo Dream.

According to them, the Switch word hides two meanings.

The first meaning of this name is linked to the ability of the console to switch between TV and its handheld screen.

The second one is linked to the company’s hope of changing the way games are played.

However, a report coming from Eurogamer claims that Nintendo Switch will be able to play Gamecube games thanks to the Virtual Console service.

This report also states that Gamecube support has already been tested with games such as Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion and Super Smash Bros, and it’s working fine.

But the Virtual Console service will be able to do more than this. It seems that an upgrade will be probably provided, allowing players to enjoy old NES Games, being purchased for a small fee rather than the full price.

Sources are saying that this Virtual Console was made because Nintendo wants to develop new Smash Bros. games.

One thing is for sure, if these rumors are real, Nintendo Switch will be an explosive console, both being powerful and providing a proper backwards compatibility program.

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Nintendo Switch is scheduled to launch in March 2017, even if no official date has been announced by the company.