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New Rocket League Update Arrives Today, Brings New Arena, New Car

A new Rocket League update has hit the game, and it’s bringing with it a new arena for players to drive around in and a new, futuristic car. Called the “Starbase Arc” update, the map is an octagonal stadium that orbits a desert planet where a space battle is taking place.

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Starbase Arc comes after the last big Rocket League update, which brought players to an undersea arena that also gave them two new cars based on deep-sea exploration subs. The Vulcan, the new car that will be coming with Starbase Arc, is a much more futuristic-looking car, with animated wings to boot. While the map will be free, however, the car won’t, instead costing 19.99.

The entire new Rocket League update is actually based on a previous Psyonix game, called ARC Squadron, an iOS game that was operated via swipes. The game got fairly positive reviews, and even got an updated re-release back in 2013, thus explaining the space battle and the majestic space setting, with a sky filled with stars and planets.

A new arena and car won’t be the only things that will be available in the new update, though; a number of different bits of news have come with it, including Psyonix announcing Steam Workshop support for the PC, Mac, and SteamOS versions of the game. This will be coming with a Custom Training game mode, where players will be able to customize their own drills to play to their specialty.

In the meantime, now that the new Rocket League update is now out, players can jump into the new arena and get a feel for the new arena, the new car, and the game’s new Custom Training mode. So, if you’re part of the Rocket League fanbase, get on your console and play some soccer out in space!