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(Update) New Leaked Images Show Nintendo Switch Exclusive Title

Update: The leaked images seem to be from a game called Seasons of Heaven.

Seasons of Heaven

Original Story: Nintendo Switch is getting a decent amount of third party developers support as well as first party titles that make this new machine a very enticing option. However, we haven’t seen or heard much about the titles that are currently under development for Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo Switch exclusive games are very much a mystery but one of them just made it out in the wild. The following images you see are from a Nintendo Switch exclusive game that features an open world, explorations, and you will be playing a young kid.

These are off-screen images so it is very hard to figure out many details about the world we will get to explore. One thing that we can speculate is that the boy may have a dog companion who is going to remain with him throughout his journey. The dog can be seen in one of the images we have, look at the bottom left.

It is a Nintendo game so we can be sure that it would have some form of puzzle solving sections. Of course, a kid won’t be at the center of an action game. The dog will probably come in handy while solving puzzle sections of the game.

The gameplay reveal is set for December and is going to be a launch title, according to the source.

Nintendo will be sharing more about its console as well as the games during a presentation next month. For now, take to the comments and let us know what you think of these images from a Nintendo Switch exclusive game.

Source: Laura Kate