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NBA 2K17 Patch 1.07 Available For PS4, But No Patch Notes

NBA 2K17, the latest iteration of the NBA 2K series, has just released NBA 2K17 patch 1.07. However, the update doesn’t come with any patch notes, so until 2K decides to release the patch notes we’ll have to just watch and wait to see what all the game ends up fixing.

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However, Mike Wang, who is the gameplay director for 2K Sports, did post one bit of patch notes on his Twitter page, saying that over-dribbling before shooting would be seeing a noticeable drop in field goal percentage along with the patch. Along with that, a tuning update this morning should have nerfed contested three-pointers.

NBA 2K17 patch 1.07 is the seventh one in the game since it came out on September 20, three months ago. The game’s gotten fairly good reviews, and is one of the customary sports games that normally come in the second half of the year, starting with Madden NFL 17 (which released just in time for the new football season) to FIFA 17 (which came out just after NBA 2K17).

While 2K Games will likely end up releasing patch notes for NBA 2K17 patch 1.07, it probably still won’t be for a while longer. In the meantime, the best way that players can figure out what all changed with the new patch is to get on the game and play it themselves and see how things have changed, whether it’s the more noticeable stuff like the smaller amount of field goal percentage or other, less noticeable things.

NBA 2K17 patch 1.07 comes in at a 7.523 gigabyte download, which is a fairly close size to its predecessor 1.06, so while it would take a noticeable bit of time to download it likely won’t take too long before you can get back on the court and lead your basketball team to win even more games.