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Turbografx Trademark Gets Bought By Konami, Is It A Competitor of Mini NES?

The Turbografx has suddenly gotten its trademark bought by Konami, giving it the rights to the console that was originally developed by Hudson Soft and NEC Home Electronics. Whether this means that Konami is aiming for some kind of equivalent to Nintendo’s own miniature NES, however, remains to be seen.

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Originally designed to be a direct competitor to the Nintendo Entertainment System (wow, history really does repeat), the Turbografx wound up competing with the Sega Genesis and the SNES, but even then fell short of sales outside of Japan, where it sold very successfully. Though Nintendo’s own NES classic has proven very popular outside of Japan, Konami wanting to remake and resell the Turbografx could only be limited to Japan.

Considering how much Konami’s sales took a tumble following its enormous feud against Hideo Kojima, along with its sports genre Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 being outsold by the FIFA series yet again, them deciding to make a new version of the Turbografx may be an attempt at getting some money back, especially if the console was popular in Japan.

The trademarking is currently under consideration, according to NeoGAF user Rösti. According to him the trademark was actually filed at the beginning of this month, so it’s likely still going through the process of being approved.

Whether or not the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office), which is the organization that’s looking at the trademark, actually allows Konami the rights to the console, remains to be seen.

However, the console isn’t really all bad despite never really breaking out of Japan; it was the first console that the Bomberman franchise came out on, along with Bonk’s Adventure and the Adventure Island series.

Let’s hope, if Konami does make the Turbografx again, that it won’t be as much of a travesty as Metal Gear Solid pachinko.