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Apple Says iPhone 6s Battery Failure Is Caused By Ambient Air Exposure

Reports of iPhone 6s battery failure started to surface in recent months telling the sorry tale of disappointment of Apple customers. To their reply, Apple says iPhone 6s battery failures are caused by ambient air exposure. “Battery failure is a manufacturing issue and it is not a safety issue”, asserts Apple.

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iPhone 6s battery failure reports came from customers with their iPhone 6s charged more than 50% and even despite the phone’s unexpected shutdown, causing an imminent battery failure.

To allay the woes of loyal customers, Apple even recently launched a recall program for the iPhone 6s, which allowed users with battery failure issue to have phone battery replaced free of charge. Further, Apple explained the battery failure issue caused by ambient air exposure in a publication at Chinese website.

iPhone 6s Battery Failure

Apple throws blame directly at one of the battery components used in phone manufacturing during the period of September- October 2015 and deems it as exposed to controlled ambient air longer than it should have been. This means that the battery is at fault which causes degradation faster than the normal discharge and sole reason of iPhone 6s battery failure is directly related to the faulty component, as pointed out by Apple.

In a parallel matter, a webpage on Apple ‘s US website gives you the opportunity to check your eligibility for free battery placement, only in the case if your iPhone 6s is subjected to battery failure caused by ambient air exposure or if it is manufactured in affected time period batch. Whatever the issue may be, Apple is looking forward to tackling it in the new upcoming iOS update 10 with an aim to find a software fix and contain the battery failure problem at hand.

iPhone 6s Battery Failure

What do you think about the Apple’s loyal customers who suffered the iPhone 6s battery failure issue but cannot get a replacement? Will Apple launch another program to cover up their loss? Let us now what do you think about it in comments.