All Final Fantasy XV Easter Eggs, Hidden Details, and More

Final Fantasy XV is out now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The massive open world features many hidden details and easter eggs that will interest its players, however, some of them are not very easy to find but we have to covered. The video we have for you today includes plenty of Final Fantasy XV easter eggs and other hidden details.

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Final Fantasy XV Easter Eggs

The game features references to pop-culture, movies such as Star Wars, Raiders of The Lost Ark and more, along with popular songs. In fact, there is also a reference to Square Enix’s other popular title, Kingdome Hearts.

Final Fantasy XV easter eggs and other references are very well placed and never feel out of place. Most of them are a part of the narrative and dialogues of the game while you may have to explore the game for others.

The Raiders of the Lost Ark reference, in particular, makes you reminisces to the classic era of Indiana Jones. Square Enix has does a great job with Final Fantasy XV which makes it the must have RPG of the year. You will have a great time finding these easter eggs in the game so spare some time from your adventure to locate these hidden details.

Check out the complete Final Fantasy XV easter eggs video above and left us know how you are liking the game so far. For more on Final Fantasy XV, stay-tuned!

Do you think we missed anything? Have you found more Final Fantasy XV Easter Eggs?