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The Nintendo Switch Dock Increases The Console’s Performance

According to a new article by the website Let’s Play Video Games, the Nintendo Switch Dock that holds the portable tablet that comes with the console in order to allow you to play games from the console on the go, the tablet actually helps to increase the console’s performance.

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According to LPVG, the reason behind this is because plugging in the system to the dock will activate another fan in the console that will help with cooling when you’re running the system, allowing it to achieve a higher clock speed. The console’s video and power will both be transferred over USB-C when docked, as well.

In addition to all of those, the Nintendo Switch dock in general ends up increasing processing power, allowing the console to go from 720p when disconnected to 1080p when hooked up to the dock. While the dock doesn’t have any real hardware inside it, the fact that it causes the new fan to start up and can help with graphics resolution will definitely help the console in the long run, both in terms of visual quality and possibly price.

The same report also says that the Nintendo Switch dock is actually fairly cheap to produce, so this may translate to a lower price point with all of the consoles, even after Nintendo has stated that they won’t be selling the console at a loss.

We won’t be learning more about the Nintendo Switch until the console is officially revealed at the start of next year, and right now all we have to look at are a variety of different leaks and reports that may or may not be accurate, so you should take all of this with a grain of salt.

In the meantime, the Nintendo Switch is likely going to be coming out in March of next year with a lot of games both from Nintendo and from a number of third parties, so we won’t have much longer to wait.