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League of Legends 2017 Season Kickoff Sale Goes Live With Patch 6.24

As is customary every year, Riot Games is hosting a major League of Legends 2017 season kickoff sale that accompanies the latest Patch 6.24.

It’s the perfect time to stock up on runes pages. For the duration of the sale, Summoners can acquire two rune pages for the price of one with both IP (in-game currency) and RP (real-world currency).

Additionally, all IP and XP Boosts in the store are slashed with a 50 percent discount. With the festive holidays around the corner, a 30-day IP Boost guarantees bonus gains for the price of just 1745 RP. On the other hand, a 7-day XP Boost for 260 RP will help you level up that new account in no time.

There’s also a 50 percent sale on the Summoner Name Change option. For 650 RP you can snag that new name you’ve always wanted. Do note that the League of Legends 2017 season kickoff sale cuts down the Summoner Name Change price in terms of RP only. It still costs 13900 IP in the store.

Furthermore, Riot Games is providing Summoners a way to beef up their roster of champions. The sale features multiple champion bundles categorized according to roles.

2017 Top Starter Bundle (25 percent off – 2906 RP)
Champions Included: Gnar, Kennen, Jayce, Poppy, Rumble

2017 Mid Starter Bundle (25% off – 2906 RP)
Champions Included: Cassiopeia, Ryze, Syndra, Viktor, Vladimir

2017 ADC Starter Bundle (25% off – 2977 RP)
Champions Included: Ezreal, Jhin, Lucian, Sivir

2017 Support Starter Bundle (25% off – 3223 RP)
Champions Included: Braum, Karma, Nami, Zyra

2017 Jungle Starter Bundle (25% off – 3306 RP)
Champions Included: Elise, Lee Sin, Nidalee, Olaf, Rek’Sai

Finally, the sale boasts various skin bundles. They are categorized similarly; ranging from Siege and Poke Bundle to Disrupt and Tank Bundle, Pick and Assassinate Bundle to Style and Outplay Bundle. All of them are available at a 50 percent discount. Do note that the skin bundles also include the champions. Hence, if you don’t own a champion, purchasing the bundle nets you the skin and the associated champion as well.

The League of Legends 2017 season kickoff sale is scheduled to conclude on December 13. For more information you can head over to official website.