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7 Things You Should Know About League of Legends 2017 Ranked Season

The new League of Legends 2017 ranked season has officially begun with the arrival of Patch 6.24. The day marks the beginning of a new journey for all Summoners as they go through the placement ladders to achieve their desired goals for Season 7.

With recent announcements, as well as several new changes, the next ranked season carries new arrays for the community. Here are seven things that you should be aware of as you step foot inside the League of Legends 2017 ranked season.

Ranked Queues
Solo/Duo and Flex are the two ranked queues available for Summoners. The former is pretty self explanatory while the latter allows you to queue up anywhere between 1-5 players.

Note that both queues carry their own separate ranking systems and run parallel to provide a different experience. You can go solo in the two queues but will have independent ratings for both of them.

Solo/Duo and Flex also feature their own rewards at the end of the season.

Placement Matches
As mentioned above, both ranked queues feature their own ten placement matches. However, it’s important to note that pre-season rating will be considered when determining your final rank.

As such, a higher pre-season rating means a better placement provided that the initial ten matches go well. In most cases, Summoners will be placed slightly lower than where they finished last season.

Flex IP Boost
With the debut of Flex ranked queue in Season 7, Riot Games is placing an added incentive for Summoners. For the first week of the season, December 7-14, Flex queue matches will net you 50 percent additional IP.

The boost is applicable on the queue type and not on the number players. Hence, you can try out Flex alone and still be eligible for the IP boost.

Riot Games has clarified that due to the nature of how IP boosts are implemented, the client refuses to bring up boosts for solo players. However, that’s merely a visual bug and solo players will still receive the additional IP again at the end of a game.

Low-Spec Mode
Playing ranked means that there can be no excuses. Those running games on aging machines might suffer from low frame-rates during major fights. That’s unacceptable!

Riot Games has pushed a new “low-spec mode” with Patch 6.24. It disables certain animations and effects to grant significant performance gains. The feature is promised to be improved with future updates.

Patch Notes
Patch 6.24 brings a lot of changes to champions and core items, as well as for gameplay. Make sure that you’ve gone through them to understand better how the new season shapes out.

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, for example, has for some time now been seen as a core item on pretty much every mage. With the new patch, that changes. Do not spend precious gold on that item early on since there are better alternatives.

You can read the Patch 6.24 notes here.

Champion Mastery Chests
With the start of the new League of Legends 2017 ranked season, all Champion Mastery Chests have reset. Earning S- or higher by a champion earns you only one Hextech Chest in the entire season. This is marked by a unique border around the champion in your client.

While this doesn’t bode well for those playing around a couple of champions, the new season allows you to start stacking up Mastery Chests again.

The feature has been a long time coming and is exclusive to the new League client. If you missed the opportunity of trying it out during the pre-season, you can now in the new season.

Make sure to download replays of your ranked matches from the Match History window in order to show the world your Pentakills.

Before heading into ranked matches, perhaps you’d want to check out a new video posted by the developer. It is sure to hype you up on your road to Diamond.