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GameStop Selling Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Physical Re-Release

GameStop has gotten onto the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite hype train by offering a Playstation 4 and Xbox One Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 physical re-release, if any fighting game fans want to pick up the older game before the next iteration of the Marvel vs Capcom fighting game series comes out.

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The physical re-releases are offered on GameStop’s website for under thirty dollars, definitely a good deal considering that many games run for around 60 dollars these days, even if Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom is around five years old at this point. Pre-orders for those physical versions are going to be available soon (especially since Marvel vs Capcom Infinite comes out late next year), though the March 31 2017 dates are likely placeholders.

The Marvel vs Capcom games are a series of fighting games pitting various Marvel characters against various Capcom characters from Capcom’s most popular franchises, including Ryu from Street Fighter, Amaterasu from Okami, Virgil from Devil May Cry, and now Mega Man, who previously had gotten a role in the most recent Super Smash Bros games.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, in addition to the usual team-based battles, will also now include Infinity Stones in its gameplay, likely as a tie-in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is building up to the Infinity War Marvel movie as the various Infinity Stones are slowly being revealed and gathered on Earth and beyond. Even DC is getting in on the action somewhat, as Supergirl, who recently got a TV series of her own, is also getting a role in the game as a “Marvel” character.

We’ll likely have to just wait until either the next E3 or some other form of big Playstation event before we learn more about Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, but in the meantime players can grab the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 physical copies and pit some of their favorite characters against each other.