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Final Fantasy XV Roadmap Revealed, Plans Include Character Customization And More

Square Enix has provided an update on their plans to support Final Fantasy XV for a foreseeable future. The company has revealed their full Final Fantasy XV roadmap detailing their short-term, mid-term, and long-term plans.

According to game director Hajime Tabata, their Short-term goal is to increase the gameplay satisfaction for players in Chapter 13. They intend to achieve it by providing a major power for the Ring magic and they have already started to work on main enhancements.

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As for their mid-term goal the developer plans to enhance the direction in the second half of the game and increase the story experience. For example, why a character named Ravus met such a fate?. The developers plan to add such event scenes and these will require time as a lot of voice work and work on localization is required.

For their long-term plans developers plan to make important characters in the main Final Fantasy XV story playable. Also, the developers plan to introduce the avatar system so that players can make their own characters and play.

Square Enix further plans to add a new Game Mode that will allow players to carry their progress when they have completed the game. Developers will also introduce enlarged font display to make so that the messages can be read easily.

The following list of already announced DLC will also be available for Final Fantasy XV.

  • Final Fantasy XV Holiday Pack
  • Final Fantasy XV Booster Pack
  • Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus
  • Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis
  • Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto
  • Final Fantasy XV Online Expansion Pack: Brother in Arms

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Source: Siliconera