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Dead Rising 4 – How To Take S-Rank Photo

Given the rise in selfie trend, how could Frank West from the Dead Rising franchise stay behind. That is exactly why Dead Rising 4 once again hands Frank a camera and allows players to not only take pictures of the world but also selfies.

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The more the number of elements that can be combined in one picture, the better the photo rating will be and the more handsomely players will be rewarded for each picture.

While it can be tough to truly master the art of photography in Dead Rising 4 and get an S-Rank photo, this guide should help players achieve that goal with minimal effort and prop experimentation required.

Players will need to guide Frank to a specific spot in Dead Rising 4 in order to take the easiest possible S-rank photo. To do that, Frank needs to go to the Willamette Memorial Megaplex and then proceed to the Kiichiro Plaza.

Once at the plaza, all they need to do is look for the Ja-POP! Store and take a picture with their camera. Seeing as how the store is filled with easter eggs, the developers at Capcom decided to give this place a special meaning which is why a picture of the store instantly grants players one S-rank photo.

If players add multiple items paying tribute to other Capcom products in their photo, they will earn extra bonus points per added item. If players manage to get some zombies in the photo as well, that’s even more bonus points.

Props like C. Viper poster or Blanka mask near the entrance of the store are some good example to fit in the frame to ensure a S-rank photo.

Getting the S-rank photo will also earn players the S-Rank Photograph achievement