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Dark Souls Switch Release Possible, From May Re-Release Whole Trilogy

The third-party juggernaut has reared its head again for the Nintendo Switch, with the possibility that From Software is considering a Dark Souls Switch release. This will bring its critically acclaimed Dark Souls trilogy over to the new Nintendo console, and there’s even the possibility that a re-release of the entire series is coming soon.

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From Software’s first widespread offering Demon’s Souls brought the old style of punishingly difficult RPG games back to last-gen and current-gen consoles. While the game has had a spotty path to being viable on PC, the possibility of a Dark Souls Switch release might mean that From is much more confident about its porting abilities.

Considering that the Nintendo Switch is more like a conventional console, rather than the sometimes-finnicky motion controls of the Wii and the unintuitive gamepad control of the Wii U, a Dark Souls port being made for the Nintendo Switch could bring a new level of Dark Souls frenzy to the gaming community.

However, whether Dark Souls will be popular enough on the Switch to get a good audience (especially from a company that’s normally been seen as more kid-friendly than the other entertainment giants) to make the port worth it remains to be seen. While From Software may be considering a full re-release of the trilogy onto the Switch, that will depend on how well the Nintendo Switch version of Dark Souls does.

From Software isn’t truly confirmed at making a Dark Souls Switch release yet, as they’re still discussing the financial viability of releasing a port, but it could still be interesting to see how the game runs on the Nintendo Switch portable screen along with the Nintendo Switch in general.

If it does turn out that From Software eventually decides to release a Nintendo Switch port for Dark Souls and the rest of the Dark Souls series, we can only wait and see how well the game actually does on the console.