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DICE Has Introduced New Battlefield 1 Line Of Sight Game Mode

DICE has just introduced a new game mode to Battlefield 1. The new Battlefield 1 Line Of Sight of game mode is sort of a variant of Rush mode, however, this custom game mode has some restrictions.

In Battlefield 1 Line Of Sight game mode, players will only be able to choose between Medic class and the Scout class and there is a twist.

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Sniper rifles in scout class do double damage in Line Of Sight game mode meaning players can take out other players with just one shot. On the other hand, weapons in medic class do do not get any kind of buff in this game mode.

Battlefield 1 Line Of Sight game mode removes all the ground and air vehicles which is not a surprise since the assault class has been left out. Basically, this game mode offers nothing but good old firefights.

You can access this new game mode in the Custom Games tab of the game’s multiplayer menu. This new game mode is available for all three platforms.

Recently, a developer from DICE revealed a very interesting feature for Battlefield 1 that was cut from the final game. A Reddit user posted a suggestion that shovels in Battlefield 1 should be able to dig and make trenches.

Fortunately, a DICE developer read the post and revealed that DICE did include this feature but it was removed from the final game due to its weirdness. He also revealed that this feature might be included in the game again.

Recently, Ali Hasoon, a producer at DICE, confirmed that a future update will bring some changes to the game’s progression system. However, he did not specify that what changes will be made to the progression system.

Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter developed by DICE for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.