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Ark: Survival Evolved Is Out On PS4!

Studio Wildcard has announced on PlayStation Blog that Ark: Survival Evolved is now available for PlayStation 4.

Everyone at Studio Wildcard is excited to announce that Ark: Survival Evolved is available today on PS4! Whether you dream of being an intrepid explorer, a peaceful Parasaur breeder, or a battle-hardened T-Rex-riding warrior, we think you’ll find something to engage you within the vast, primal worlds of this game.

We’re particularly proud of the work that our partners at Abstraction Games have done with the PS4 version of Ark, as the game looks beautiful and also gains substantial performance benefits from the PS4 Pro and its features.

The studio also released a launch trailer for the game, available below.

This game is available in Early Access as those who own it will receive every update, waiting for the full game release within Spring 2017. You’ll find two versions of Ark: Survival Evolved PS4: a special bundle costing $49,99, that contains the game and the Scorched Earth expansion.

Otherwise you can buy the standard version for $34,99.

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However, when the Scorched Earth expansion was released, many users were disappointed.

They weren’t happy about an unfinished game having a paid expansion, so they decided to share their thoughts on the internet. Studio Wildcard got to know about this question and they quickly responded.

According to their words, the original vision of Ark included paid DLCs, and they made tests with the early access version of the game in order to be sure about the general quality of this package.

Ark: Survival Evolved is a survival game available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Linux and MAC OS.