Naughty Dog Explains Story of Uncharted 4 DLC, Why Chloe’s Up Front

One of the many bombshells that got dropped at the Playstation Experience in Anaheim was that Naughty Dog announced the brand-new Uncharted 4 DLC that will be coming to the Playstation 4 sometime next year, focusing on Uncharted 2’s Chloe Frazer. The DLC will also be a standalone, so the base game isn’t required.

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The Uncharted 4 DLC trailer was a tense and enigmatic sort of trailer, composed of eight minutes of Chloe (wearing a burka apparently as a sort of disguise) making her way through the dark and chaotic city streets of a city in India that looks as if it’s currently being torn apart by a civil war.

Making her way up to a rooftop, Chloe and returning Uncharted 4 character Nadine Ross are then embroiled in a short but brutal brawl against a trio of soldiers.

According to Naughty Dog, Nadine and Chloe are in India in order to seek some sort of mystical artifact known as the Tusk of Ganesha (Ganesha is an Indian deity that is very widely worshipped in India), but they also explain why Chloe was the lead in the DLC rather than someone like Nathan Drake.

Considering Drake is now finally retired from adventuring, is filthy rich, and has a baby daughter to look after, him not being there is justified, at least.

In Naughty Dog’s words, Chloe being front and center in the Uncharted 4 DLC is in recognition of her being one of the most popular characters in the Uncharted series, as a favorite not only of Naughty Dog themselves, but also much of the game’s fanbase.

With the Uncharted 4 DLC (entitled Uncharted: The Lost Legacy) now announced and likely getting released sometime early in 2017, hopefully Naughty Dog can give us one last good Uncharted-style adventure before they put the series to bed for good.