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The Last Guardian Walkthrough Part 1 – Free Trico, Find the Mirror, Escape the Cave

The Last Guardian Walkthrough Part 1 to help you free and feed Trico, find the mirror-shield, and escaping the first cave in the game.

The Last Guardian revolves around a young boy and his beast companion named Trico. During the course of the game, players need to solve puzzles by analyzing their environment and with Trico’s help.

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The Last Guardian Walkthrough Guide

In this section of our The Last Guardian Walkthrough Guide, we try to free and feed Trico and use his help to escape the initial area.

Remove the Spear

After the cut-scene, press any button on your DS4 to actually start the game.

The game begins with Trico lying directly in front of you – a spear in his back. You need to climb the nearby rubble and jump onto Trico’s back.

Watch the on-screen button-prompt to help Trico by removing the spear. Doing this should cause him to scream in agony and toss you aside. After you wake up again, it is time to find Trico something to eat.

Find Something to Eat

To find something to feed Trico, look for a lever on the left-hand side of the gate. Pull the lever to get inside and pick up the barrel in there.

There is no need to get too close to Trico and you can simply toss the barrel near him. However, soon you learn that one barrel of food is not enough for Trico and you must find more.

To find more food, go up the steps and drop down onto a platform. Do note that one of the two barrels in this area requires you to crawl through a small opening. Crawling through small openings do not require any button-presses and is automatic.

After feeding Trico food from all three barrels, it is time to remove another spear from his right-hand side shoulder.

Remove Trico’s Chains

After you wake up again, it is time to free Trico of his chains. To do so, you need to climb on top of him and interact with a lever to remove them.

Once you have freed him, you need to leave the area. With Trico freed, you need to head towards the corridor leading to a dead-end. There are multiple barrels of food in this area that you can feed Trico.

After you are done with feeding Trico, call him, jump on top of him, and climb the ledges to move up. What you basically need to look for is a small opening through which you can crawl through in order to proceed through the level.

Find the Mirror

You need to leave Trico and head down an alleyway until you come across a small gap in a wall.

You basically need to arrive in a new room by squeezing in through the gap and find a platform on the other side. Once you are on the other side, you should be able to find a shield-mirror object which you need to pick up.

Once you have the mirror, simply head back to Trico where you left him earlier.

Use the Mirror

You need to stand right next to Trico and use the mirror to unleash his power. Remember to point the mirror towards the crack in the ceiling.

What you basically need to do now is to call Trico and return to the initial area where you freed him earlier in the game. Once you are back, you should be able to see a barrier that Trico can easily destroy.

With the barrier out of the way, proceed ahead and make sure to have Trico follow you.

Exit the Cave

After you arrive at the lake, avoid jumping into it directly. First use the mirror to clear the boards barring the path on the left-hand side. Once done, head inside and climb the chain to push the crate containing barrels of food for Trico.

You basically need to throw the barrels into the water for Trico to consume them.

Once Trico is fed, look for a large opening in the area. Continue along the path and climb up the small ledges at the end of the path. A little ahead, you should be able to find a hole that leads you out of the area.

This is all we have on The Last Guardian Walkthrough Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!