The Last Guardian Framerate Issues Plague Playstation 4 Release

Gamers on the vanilla version of the Playstation 4 might want to wait a while longer before they buy The Last Guardian, or try to play it if they have the game. Apparently The Last Guardian framerate issues are widespread at the moment, taking the game down to at least ten frames per second.

The Last Guardian is the latest offering from Team ICO, the developers of the critically acclaimed classics ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. The Last Guardian has been in development for well over a decade now since it was announced in 2007, but after numerous delays (and at least one joke that the game’s next appearance at E3 would be Fumito Ueda deleting the game’s files on stage), it’s finally come out. However, The Last Guardian framerate issues may knock down some of its review scores.

The Last Guardian focuses around a young boy and a giant monster named Trico, who are both trapped in a ruined castle crawling with all manner of threats. Both must work together, overcoming environmental hazards and hostile guards to escape the castle to the world outside.

The Last Guardian framerate issues are likely nothing related to your own console, however; Playstation Universe has said that the bug can be fixed simply by turning off and restarting the console, so it’s likely a bug caused by some sort of memory leak or overflow that’s exclusive to the Playstation 4.

According to other gamers, the Playstation 4 Pro version of the game works perfectly well, though whether it’s a deliberate strategy to get Playstation players to upgrade to the “premium” version of the console or is an actual accident is unknown (though hopefully it’s simply an accident).

Considering that the game is one of the most hotly-anticipated on the Playstation 4 for a while, Sony had better come up with a hotfix for the bug very quickly. The Last Guardian is an exclusively Playstation 4 title.