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Street Fighter V Season 2 White Health Changes Impact the Meta

The new Street Fighter V Season 2 features numerous gameplay-altering changes, one of which encourages aggression by toning down defensive play.

While Capcom is yet to release the official patch notes for the second season, players took the opportunity of PlayStation Experience on the weekend to discover the aforementioned significant change.

According to Eventhubs, the regeneration rate of white life has been greatly reduced. It’s much slower compared to the current, first season. The white life eventually recovers but considering how long most matches last, Capcom has pretty much disabled the grayed out health from ever fully regenerating.

You can watch for yourself how long it takes for a character’s white life to fully regenerate in the clip below:

White life is attained through subsequent blocking of attacks. If the player is able to successfully keep his/her guard up, the life regenerates. However, being hit in-between means massive damage.

According to reports, white life no longer regenerates during blocking. The timer on it simply resets on the next attack. The only way to see it recover is by remaining untouched for a period of time. This means that players can’t even block an attack.

The sluggish nature of armored health in the new Street Fighter V 2017 season will have a great impact on the current meta. Defensive play will carry its own risks and challenges. Characters like Zangief who rely on white life to get close to opponents will have to turn to other arrays.

On the other hand, some will greatly benefit from the change. Dhalsim, for example, uses his V-Trigger to convert his opponent’s life to white life. Capcom is really showing love for the Indian yogi as we head into the second season.

The slower regeneration basically calls out rewards for aggressive play. It makes it easier to pressure a guarded opponent into the corner, where he/she is likely to be hit for a good chunk of health.

On the weekend, Capcom revealed that it intends to remove similarities between characters to allow for unique gameplay experiences with all characters in Street Fighter V Season 2.