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The World Of State Of Decay 2 Is “Substantially Larger”, Players Will Not Be Forced To Stick Together In Co-Op

State Of Decay was one of the biggest surprises for the last generation of consoles and fans are very excited for the State Of Decay 2 which was announced at E3. Undead Labs have been very silent about the sequel since the reveal and now they have shared new details about the game’s world and more.

Speaking with IGN, Undead CEO Jeff Strain said that the studio is well aware of the fan’s desire for a bigger and better world in the sequel and confirmed that the world is substantially large but did not share any specifics.

I know SoD fans are hungry for details on number and size of maps, regions, kilometers of playable area, etc, but we’re not quite ready for that. For now, suffice it to say that the playable area is substantially larger than State of Decay.

When asked about if player’s friends in the multiplayer decide to be unfriendly what kind of consequences the players will face. To this design director Richard Foge responded that State Of Decay is built around the consequences of player’s actions and players just can’t simply just attack other players.

He further added that there are different ways in which other players can be hostile to you as they can directly affect the simulation.

Strain further added that devs want to game to be fun and the core gameplay is built around “teamwork and cooperation”. Also, players will not be forced to stick together, they can get in a car and go anywhere they like.

We want it to be fun to play with your friends, so the design mechanics encourage teamwork and cooperation,” he told us. “That said, ‘encouraging’ is not the same as ‘forcing.’ You will be free to get in a car and go anywhere you like, just as you would if you were playing by yourself.

State Of Decay 2 is an open-world survival game in development at Undead Studios and will launch sometime in 2017 exclusively for PC and Xbox One.