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PS4 Devkit Emerges With The Possibility of Containing Sleeping Dogs 2 Data

A few months ago, United Front Games shutdown and killed all hopes fans had for Sleeping Dogs 2. However, it seems that the game might not be fully dead after all as a recently emerged PS4 dev kit seems to contain files for Sleeping Dogs 2.

Last week, an auction was held to sell off all the old equipment in United Front Games’ storage and one of those items for sale included a Neo dev kit, basically a dev kit for Sony’s latest PS4 Pro console, which was being used to develop games.

According to the reddit user who bought the devkit, kaneda2004, the console wasn’t empty and in fact had around 800GB of data stored in it, locked behind an expired Devkit license. Since kaneda2004 doesn’t have any decryption key to unlock the data, which gets locked after the license expires and isn’t renewed for 90 days) he can’t access the data stored.

Thankfully, he had the insight to reach out to Assembler Games, a community that specializes in such decryption, and with their help will try to unlock the content inside the devkit and actually see what is stored in there, possibly some information that could shed some light on the development of Sleeping Dogs 2.

Even if there is nothing related to the game in there, it would be good to store United Front Games’ data in the archives of video game history.

Last month, some leaked documents shed some more light on what could have been Sleeping Dogs 2 had the studio not shutdown. According to those documents, the original plans for a sequel were pitched back in 2013 although only to get rejected.

The sequel would have picked up after the events of the original game with Officer Wei Shen returning as the protagonist of the game. The game was going to be set in China’s Pearl River Megacity.