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Mass Effect Andromeda Director Discusses Destiny inspiration And Game’s Mechanics

BioWare showed Mass Effect Andromeda at Game Awards 2016 with a brand new gameplay, something that has really thrilled the fans. Now, everyone wants more information about this game and Mass Effect Andromeda director, Mac Walters, decided to meet this request.

During a recent interview with Gamespot, Walters ensured that the team will keep working on the game until its release. After that, he talked about the future of the franchise.

For what concerns the gameplay of Mass Effect Andromeda, Walters said that BioWare took inspiration from Destiny’s mechanics, combat system, camera, character designs and controls. These elements were crucial during the development phase.

Then, the director claimed that this game will be based on exploration, as BioWare wants the player to feel as much free as possible. From the way of moving to choices and stuff like that.

There will be multiple planets to explore, each one with its own background story and habits. In this sense, there will be a lot of crafting and it will be the player to choose whether to complete side-quest missions or not.

BioWare is really putting a lot of effort into Mass Effect Andromeda and, even if it’s not that easy to work on next-gen consoles, they are focused on finishing what they’ve started.

If you want to see more from this game, you can take a look at the gameplay showed at Game Awards, available below.

Mass Effect Andromed is scheduled to release in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.