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Marvel vs Capcom Sales Have Topped Over 7 Million Units

Marvel Vs Capcom, one of the more well-known and well-regarded types of crossover fighting games, was finally announced to be getting a new iteration at the Playstation Experience this past weekend. Considering that Marvel vs Capcom sales have topped 7 million units, that’s not really a surprise to many.

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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, the most recent iteration of the series that’s still available online (Marvel vs Capcom: Origins, which came out in 2012, got pulled after Capcom’s contracts with Marvel expired), got some of the best review scores of the series and sold over 1.2 million units worldwide as of March 2015, making it responsible for nearly a sixth of the sales of the Marvel vs Capcom franchise.

Considering that Marvel vs Capcom revolves around players being able to do things like pit Street Fighter’s Ryu or Ken against Captain America, Devil May Cry’s Virgil against Wolverine, Amaterasu from Okami against a Sentinel from the X-Men Comics, and more, fans of both the Marvel comic books and Capcom’s substantial library can likely understand why a new Marvel vs Capcom game is a good thing.

Considering how much of a resurgence Marvel has gotten in recent years with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel vs Capcom sales will likely get a big boost with a game like this, even outside of the fighting game community, especially considering Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will have new characters on both sides such as Mega Man X, who’s been getting a lot of new love ever since Mega Man made an appearance in the roster of the latest Super Smash Bros game.

While Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has yet to get a concrete release date, we know that it will be getting released sometime next year on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and will likely help Marvel vs Capcom sales go even higher than before.