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LPN Lists Street Fighter V Season 2 Changes for Entire Roster

Content creator and Circa Esports’ Long “LPN” Phi Nguyen has taken time out to list Street Fighter V Season 2 changes for almost the entire roster.

Taking the opportunity of PlayStation Experience over the weekend, LPN played through every character in the game on the show-floor to verify notable and major changes. He made it clear that there are numerous other tweaks and differences. However, his list comprises only the most significant ones.

Overall, Street Fighter V in 2017 focuses on four gameplay changes that include added recovery frames on command and regular throws. There’s more push-back on light attacks and certain Crush Counters. Reversals on wake-ups are +3 without the usage of meter, and V-Trigger bars are reduced to 2 from 3 for certain characters such as Guile.

Do note that all changes coming in from Anaheim are subject to change. Capcom can always make last-minute adjustments for its second season. Hence, do not be surprised if the changes you come across now are absent from upcoming official patch notes.

The Street Fighter V 2017 season changes listed by LPN does not include Balrog, FANG, Ibuki, Rashid, and Ryu. According to the professional player, the characters haven’t changed much. Based on a few reports, we do know that the startup for some of Ryu’s normal attacks is reduced has been reduced but his frame-data in V-Trigger state has been bettered. As for FANG, his V-Trigger special moves no longer require charging.

You can read the unofficial patch notes below:


  • 875 Health
  • Moderate walk speed
  • 3 Bar V-Trigger
  • V-Reversal knocks down
  • KKZ = QCF x2 +P
  • V-Trigger cancel off of any normal and grounded special move
  • Can cancel normals into Raging Demon on whiff
  • Raging demon accessible in V-Trigger mode only
  • Ex Demon Flip is projectile invincible on start up (similar to Vega ex rolling crystal flash)
  • Ex Demon Flip can go behind opponent like Cammy hooligan and come back with dive kick follow up (strikes mid and can cross up)
  • *Possibly demon flip grab from other side???
  • has good reach and force stands
  • Crush counters are cr.hp / st.hp /
  • B+hp is an AA and launcher that is special cancelable
  • HP DP is throw invincible
  • BNB Combos
  • ->cr.hp->>v skill k follow up (launcher) -> v skill p follow up (palm)
  • * builds good meter like necalli/karin style
  •  ->>>tatsu->hp dp
  •  ->>>v skill + k follow up (launcher) ->demon flip + p
  •  -> TC (2 hits) ->> v skill + k follow up (launcher) ->ex demon flip + k follow up (dive kick) -> hp DP
  • -> CC st hk-> TC (2 hits) xxx v trigger ->>v skill k follow up  (launcher) xxx KKZ


  • EX air command grab positions ALEX further away than before. He can no longer dash up and be as advantageous as before (RIP)
  • F+HP on block slightly pushes him back more
  • F+HP on hit changed from +5 -> +6 ( at the very least and possibly higher)
  • * F+HP(6f) -> st. mp (6f) is now possible to combo without crush counter ^_^
  • Powerbomb leaves him at a further position. Auto timing for lp elbow slash requires micro step to reach now
  • Cr.lp now can combo into lp flash chop outside of counter hit
  • Air stampede (-5 on block) creates more of a push back on block. Could possibly be spaced out to make it even more difficult to punish on block by 5 frame moves (limbs) or faster. Can punish w/Karin CA(5f) but could not punish 100% with
  • New BNB
  • -> f+hp->>>ex flash chop
  • ->>cr.lp-> lp flash chop
  • -> f.hp-> xxx VTrigger -> st.hp-> sledgehammer -> suplex


  • St.HP causes crush counter state now (?)
  • MK/HK bull revenger seems like it grabs faster
  • Penguin dive has less push back on block now. A bit easier to punish on block
  • More push back on HP Bull Head


  • Increased recovery frame on all dive kicks. EX has to land on the knee or lower to be “safe”
  • Air throw added


  • Air legs have been changed from plus frames to negative (-2)
  • is now special cancelable into lightning legs
  • Regular lightning legs (2 hit) is cancelable into V-Trigger
  • EX lightning legs (1st rotation) is cancelable into V-Trigger
  • Push back added to cr.lp/st.lp
  • Increased recovery on  fireballs
  • New BNB
  •  -> CC b+hp -> Ex Lightning Legs(1st rotation) xxx V-Trigger-> b+hp-> Ex Lightning Legs
  •  -> x2 -> ex lightning legs


  • V-Trigger stays out even if hit on activation (i.e using reversal against the activation)
  • St.hp speed increased?
  • changed from 5f->4f


  • V trigger bar changed from 3->2
  • creates further push back now
  • Due to increase in push back, current Sonic Boom loops are no longer possible
  • *perhaps new ways to do so will be possible ; )
  • St.hp no longer crusher counters
  • Cr.hp now causes crush counter state


  • pinwheel motion changed from Kicks -> Punches
  • V-skill start up seems  faster now, especially full charged v skill
  • Less push back on


  • changed from +3->+1 on block
  • Added push back on st.hp on block
  • Aerial TC added ( hits airborne only)
  • V-Reversal push back distance increased


  • B+mp changed from 4f->5f
  • V-skill step kick pops opponent up higher now
  • TC (b+mp->hp) xxx v skill step kick -> ex dp is possible now
  • Air ex tatsu is negative on block if it lands above the knees of opponent
  • Air medium tatsu increased in hurtbox and less active frames
  • HP DP is throw invincible


  • Cr.lp->lp elbow can now combo outside of counter hit
  • EX thunder clap positions opponent higher now on hit in non v trigger state
  • V-Reversal push back distance increased
  • Auto timed oki (i.e back throw ->dash ) is no longer advantageous due to added recovery on throws

M. Bison

  • start up frames changed from 4f->3f
  • HP psycho inferno on hit can link into lp psycho ball
  • DF+HP (Psycho Axe) -> is now possible to combo outside of crush counter
  • *Either Psycho axe went from (6->7) on hit or went from (7f-6f) startup to make this work
  • Ex headstomp connecting to airborne opponent can follow up to skull driver regardless of height
  • *Skull driver drops at a faster rate to make this possible now
  • V-skill can now absorb 1 projectile and be stored. Input v skill command again to release projectile
  • V-Trigger lk scissors is plus
  • TC (mp->df+hp) speed increased


  • Slower start up on moonsault
  • Increased recovery frames on back dash
  • Distance shortened on back dash
  • Increased recovery frames on V-Trigger


  • Damage scaling increased during combos but not significant
  • Command grab changed from Punches -> kicks
  • Disk guidance has armor on frame 1 now

R. Mika

  • Increased start up on f+mp (irish whip) Visually looks really slow
  • ”Invisible wall” is removed during irish whip meaning you can no longer back dash and create the wall for opponent to bounce off of
  • Increased frame on slide
  • Looks like more recovery frame after landing Brimstone command grab (K command grab)


  • Aegis Reflector seems to stay out longer than before
  • change from -2 -> +1 on block
  • changed from 0 -> +1 on block
  • Step kick (b+hk) changed to df+hk
  • Cross up lk is now added


  • Cr.hp (no claw) causes crush counter state now
  • Travel distance for ex crystal flash is decreased
  • Buster claw (F+hp) spins opponent in the air now instead of grounded spin when landing a crush counter


  • Lariat hits crouching opponent now
  • vaccums opponent in now allowing for better combo potential into lariat
  • Cannot tech backwards after getting hit by lariat?