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Longzhu Roster Changes: Fly and BDD Picked up for Mid-Lane

In a series of continuous Longzhu roster changes, the South Korean esports organization has picked up two new mid-laners for its League of Legends lineup.

An official Facebook announcement confirms that Yongjoon “Fly” Song and Bosung “BDD” Kwak will be representing Longzhu Gaming in the 2017 League of Legends competitive season. Both of the two mid-laners show exceptional promise of growth. While the latest Longzhu roster changes do not confirm who of the two will be in the starting lineup, we assume that to be Fly who carries a heftier resume.

Fly was picked up by KT Rolster during last year’s pre-season of League of Legends. Throughout the 2016 LCK season, Fly was the team’s starting mid-laner. In the end, KT Rolster placed third and second in the Spring and Summer Split respectively. Fly is known for his impressive control and understanding of Xerath.

Until recently, BDD was acting substitute mid-laner for CJ Entus. Even though he joined the squad in 2015, he was unable to play because of being underage. BDD only made his competitive debut this year after turning 17 in March.

While he has a large champion pool to choose from, BDD has specific love for assassins. This includes Zed who is his favorite champion. Looking at the recent Assassins update from Riot Games, it goes without saying that BDD will be bringing his favorite assassins to LCK.

Yesterday, Longzhu Gaming announced that it had signed the former ROX Tigers’ bot-lane duo of Jongin “PraY” Kim and Beom “GorillA” Kang. They are widely considered by analysts to form one of the strongest and most formidable bottom-lane pair in the world.

Having played together for over two years in ROX, Pray and Gorilla bring an unfathomable amount of experience and knowledge to the Longzhu table.

The pre-season is just about over. The coming days will tell us if there are anymore Longzhu roster changes in store for us.