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Riot Games Mistakenly Starts League of Legends Season 7 Ahead of Schedule

As per previous confirmations, the 2017 League of Legends ranked season was scheduled to commence alongside Patch 6.24 on December 7. Hence, imagine the surprise on the faces of Summoners when they noticed last night that their ranked ratings were reset for Season 7.

It’s unknown if the new League of Legends competitive season started ahead of scheduled due to a bug in the system or if someone at Riot Games messed up. Either way, the situation proved dire for some players. Various threads on Reddit popped up in no time discussing the unscheduled first day of Season 7. Some Summoners hadn’t even noticed that they were playing their promotional games until afterwards.

Once the word got out, Riot Games took down ranked queues earlier today for emergency maintenance. The queues came back online just hours ago with the developer making amends. The ranked ratings have been rolled back for all Summoners across the servers. This means that any loss or win attained during the unscheduled early start will not register for the upcoming competitive season for League of Legends.

Do note that while ranked games during the pre-season do not amount to your final rating, they are still taken into consideration to determine your final standing in the next season. This means that registering impressive wins during the pre-season will help improve your Match-Making Rating (MMR). Based on that, you can land a higher rating once you’re done with the promotional games for the upcoming League of Legends season. This also works both ways and any damage to your MMR during pre-season will carry forward.

Riot Games has yet to make an official announcement regarding the mistaken start of the new season. Patch 6.24 notes should be arriving soon. Perhaps that will address the situation and provide us with more details on what went wrong yesterday.