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Other Capcom Franchises Could Make A Comeback After PlayStation Experience

Capcom has really hit the jackpot at PlayStation Experience. After a lot of speculation about this game, the company has officially announced Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, coming to consoles and PC in 2017. This game has been well received by the fans and it seems other Capcom franchises are about to be revived.

The Japanese company has recently revealed that, in addition to well known series like Marvel vs Capcom, other dormant franchises could come back to life, especially after the success of the announcement at PSX 2016.

There’s no clue about what games are they going to work on, but a new Devil May Cry chapter would literally make the fans go crazy all over the world.

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By the way, latest Marvel vs Capcom Infinite gameplay video gave us some interesting information.

This title will feature 2 v 2 battles, in which players assist doesn’t exist anymore, but players will be able to easily switch partners. Also, Marvel’s Infinite Gems will play a vital role in this game, that will probably feature Thanos.

Talking about the characters, this video confirms the presence of Ryu, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Megaman X and Morrigon, some of the characters already seen in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Furthermore, it has been announced that Marvel vs Capcom 3 is already available for PS4, so it’s probably the best year to be a fan of Capcom franchises.

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Marvel vs Capcom 3 is now playable on PS4, coming to Xbox One and PC in March 2017, while Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is releasing in 2017.