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AMD To Showcase X370 Motherboards At New Horizon Event, 13 Dec,16

The New Horizon event is due tomorrow and we will be able to learn more about AMD Zen as well as other products at the show. We will be able to see what the future AMD products have to offer before they come out next year. Word has it that AMD will also be revealing their X370 motherboards for the AM4 platform.

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We do not know much about the X370 motherboards but we will soon find out with the New Horizon event coming up in a few hours. The highly anticipated AM4 motherboards will be something new to look at. The event will be hosted by the famous Geoff Keighley. There will also be other guests at the event and I expect that they will be testing the AMD hardware.

AMD Zen has been a long time in the coming but it is almost time for the big reveal. We will definitely see how AMD’s new architecture holds up when it comes to in-game performance.

We have a lot from AMD coming next year. Not only are we going to be getting the AMD Zen architecture and the X370 motherboards we will also be treated to Vega 10 and new high-end GPUs as well.

What do you think of the X370 motherboards for the AM4 platform?