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Street Fighter V Akuma Breakdown; V-Skill, V-Trigger and Critical Art

The weekend’s Capcom Cup finally gave us the highly anticipated Street Fighter V Akuma unveiling. The Master of the Fist is the first DLC character of the second season, and will be joined by five others over the coming months.

Posting on the Capcom Unity blog, the developer announced Akuma to be returning with a heightened mastery of Ansatsuken. The raging demon has grown tremendously strong over the years. In Street Fighter V he features quick footwork and devastating combos to annihilate foolish opponents. His kit allows him to parry incoming attacks and suppress foes with a continuous assault of pressuring strikes.

Here’s the full breakdown of his V-Skill, V-Trigger, and Critical Arts:

  • V-Skill: Rakan – Akuma strikes a defensive stance and similar to Ryu’s Mind’s Eye, can parry an incoming attack. He can follow-up the move with an upward kick or a long reaching palm strike.
  • V-Trigger: Dohatsu Shoten – Akuma powers up and envelops his body with ki to enter Dohatsu Shoten mode. In this mode, his Gohadokens are more powerful, now able to travel full-screen and he can unleash two in the air even while jumping backwards. Additionally, when he lands his Goshoryuken attack, he follows-up and violently drives his opponents into the ground.
  • Critical Art: Sekia Koretsuha – Akuma channels an incredible amount of ki into his palm and drives it into the ground, striking the opponent with an exploding pillar of fierce energy.
  • Critical Art: Shun Goku Satsu – Only accessible while in Dohatsu Shoten mode, Akuma’s most powerful attack returns. He glides towards the opponent and grabs them, resulting in a series of devastating strikes in the blink of an eye.

A comprehensive post from Reddit user cynistar742 lists important highlights for the various attack moves of Street Fighter V Akuma, observed through his gameplay videos and players who tried him out on the PlayStation Experience show-floor over the weekend.

Akuma’s projectiles (at least normal ones) travel full-screen. His standing high punch in close-quarters is a two-hit attack which can be cancelled into V-Trigger. From distance, the move cannot be cancelled but does link into a target combo. Similarly, his standing high kick is also a two-hit attack.

Standing high punch also acts as a Crush Counter, putting opponents in a juggle state. Akuma’s standing low kick appears fairly similar to Necalli’s. Importantly, his V-Skill pushes opponents across the screen.

Presumably, most crouching normals can be cancelled into V-Trigger. The same goes for his projectiles. Low attacks interrupt Akuma’s jumping strike; DP on wakeup specifically acts as counter.

You can read through the long list here; it also features a couple of nifty combos.

Akuma is scheduled to release for Street Fighter V on December 20, alongside the new 2017 season pass which is currently available on the PlayStation Store for $29.99. Owners of the second season pass will receive a premium PlayStation 4 theme, as well as five characters new to the Street Fighter universe (all colors included).

Capcom has confirmed that Akuma will arrive with his own introductory story chapter so that players can find out how he relates to the Street Fighter V timeline.