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Street Fighter V 2017 Season Changes: Dhalsim, Karin, Chun-Li, Bison, and More

As expected, Capcom announced a new Street Fighter V 2017 Season during the Capcom Cup over the weekend. The second season pass is already up for purchase and promises to introduce five characters new to the Street Fighter universe. The explicit statement makes it clear that there will be no more returning characters from recent installments.

Posting on the Capcom Unity blog, the developer outlined its goals for the game as we head into 2017. Every character in Street Fighter V is designed for a distinct experience. However, players have mostly been favoring general-stronger attacks instead of signature moves that give the characters their unique appeal. Capcom looks to change this with the upcoming Street Fighter V 2017 Season by reducing similarities between characters.

The following are the developer’s three main areas of focus:

  • Recovery After Successful Throws
  • Strong Anti-Air Light Attacks
  • Invincible Reversal Reliance

Besides that, Capcom is also looking into advantages and disadvantages on hit-and-block, stun values for various characters, hit- and hurt-box sizes, as well as vitality.

Street Fighter V, with the upcoming new changes, was present on the show-floor of PlayStation Experience on the weekend. Professional players, once done with the Capcom Cup went on ahead to see how the second season will impact their favorite characters.

Ryan “Fchamp” Ramirez called the new changes for Dhalsim “kinda sick”. The Indian yogi will feature improvements to his slide-trigger technique in the next season, along with a faster float and tweaks to several other moves. Medium and High Punch moves, for example, will execute faster. Ramirez also revealed that the flame of Dhalsim doesn’t disappear anymore, giving him a greater competitive advantage.

Justin “Justin Wong” Wong tested out the season two version of Karin to confirm that she can no longer perform mix-ups following her jab resets. Her V-Reversal has been tweaked to send opponents flying across the screen. Both are major changes that relieve Karin of any offensive momentum. Wong reiterated that he’ll have to make significant adjustments with her in the next season. On the plus side, Karin will be equipped with a new air-target combo.

In addition to Karin, Wong also tried out the new Chun-Li. Everyone’s favorite Interpol officer has received nerfs to her instant air lightning legs. They will no longer be as effective as they have been in the current season. The move has reportedly been changed to +3 on hit and -2 on block. This means that blocking air legs will put Chun-Li at a big disadvantage.

On the other hand, Wong was able to figure out a new damaging setup on Chun-Li which originates from crouching low kick, into legs and cancelling with V-Trigger.

DiscoVigilante chipped in with changes to M. Bison. The dictator has received numerous buffs. His light confirms will be much easier to execute and an increased +3 on his strong low kick will allow him to escape any tense situation. You can read through the lengthy list of changes here.

Veteran David “Ultradavid” Graham put together his own list of changes for the new Street Fighter V 2017 season. Zangief’s reach with lariat has been increased. The startup for some of Ryu’s normal attacks has been reduced. However, his frame-data in V-Trigger state has been bettered. Finally, V-Trigger special moves for FANG no longer require charging.

Lastly, Long “LPN” Phi Nguyen confirmed that R. Mika’s invisible wall has been removed. Players now need to be in a corner to get the knock-back.

A comprehensive changelog from Capcom will arrive later this month to give further clarification on the changes accompanying the second season.