China Exclusive GTX 1060 3 GB Graphics Cards To Feature GP104 GPUs

There is still some time till we see the GTX 1080Ti in action but until then it seems like Nvidia is planning to make some money off the unused GP 104 GPUs that were not good enough to make the GTX 1080 lineup. Nvidia is going to be using these GPUs and introduce them in china exclusive GTX 1060 3 GB graphics cards.

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This does not mean that these GTX 1060 3 GB cards will be more powerful. You still get the same 1,152 CUDA cores. On the other hand, this could mean that this GPU could have higher power requirements. We will have to see when the GPUs come out.

GTX 1060 3 GB

If you are wondering why Nvidia is doing this then the answer is very simple. Making GPUs is very expensive and Nvidia is trying to make the most out of the GP104 GPUs. It is not the first time that a GPU manufacturer has done something like this. This is a relatively common practice and we have seen AMD do this in the past. This allows Nvidia to make the most out of the yield.

It is no surprise that there is a GTX 1060 3 GB Chinese exclusive coming out. There have been a couple of these in the past and there could be many more to come. But people that live in other parts of the world need not worry about what this GPU has to offer and whether or not it is on par with the normal GTX 1060 3 GB.

Although this is not a new practice we would still like to know how you feel about Nvidia using GP 104 GPUs to make GTX 1060 3GB graphics cards that will be exclusive to China. Is this something you would mind? Do you think companies should be more open about this practice?